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1999 Vauxhall Corsa For Sale



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Right, where to start with this one…………

We bought this without viewing it with the intent to strip off the bodykit, put standard bumpers back on it and track day it.  But on collection it was obvious how much work had gone into the fitting of the kit and the painting of the car that I couldn’t bring myself to do it!

The car hasn’t been on the road since it still had the 1.0 engine in it back in 2009.

It was at that time that it was fitted with a fully rebuilt 2.0 redtop (CX20e), the full bodykit (straight out of Max Power!), uprated suspension (coilovers on the front and shocks and springs on the back), bigger front brakes, bucket seats and harnesses.

The previous owner spent a fortune on it and then started his own business, parked the car in his mates garage and that’s where it sat for the next 10 years!

SEC bought the car as a non runner.

We have changed the oil and filter, drained the coolant and replaced it and put new fuel in it, then changed the crank sensor and throttle position switch and she fired up on the first turn of the key!
The engine sounds sweet but it needs tuning properly as it doesn’t run as well as it should. It has a power cap fitted, a 4 branch manifold and induction kit and would suggest that a decent map to get it all running as it should would be the way forward. We would also recommend a cambelt change and a brake fluid refresh as well as pads and shoes as everything has been stood for so long although everything was new 10 years ago and the car hasn’t done any miles at all since it was all fitted.  The wheels are brand new and even the 4 Yokohama Parada Spec 2’s are like new!

Underneath there is no rust to speak of on the body and no previous welding that we can see.  Obviously there is surface rust on some components (suspension etc) like any old car but the car is very, very solid.
There are a few hairline cracks where the bodykit meets the original panels but these are few.
The paintwork is like new and it looks like all the door and window rubbers were replaced when it was sprayed.

All in all a really nice, retro car that we have been told by many people are coming back into fashion.
It’s properly quick too as it weighs next to nothing…….there are no rear seats!

The temperature gauge doesn’t work properly as it reads hot as soon as you start it and it has an aftermarket rev counter fitted but this does work properly.

Just to make sure that everyone understands, you won’t be driving this car away.  It needs a proper tune and the brakes sorting and obviously an MOT.
It will also need collecting on a trailer or a suitable transporter as it took about an hour to get it on the back of mine because its so low at the front and subsequently there is a tiny bit of damage to the bottom of the front spoiler but this is minimal.

Open on this one to swaps or a part ex but don’t think we  won’t know what your car is worth!

Due to the age and what the vehicle is, it is sold as seen with no warranty implied or given.

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